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Small scale test runs, tech transfer and associated analytics

  • bench scale fermentation (1 – 5L)
  • fully equipped microbiological lab
  • analytical lab providing HPLC, YSI, GC, IC, viscosimetry, densimetry, photometric methods, moisture, color etc.
  • QA/QC

Tech transfer, scale-up and validation batches

  • range of bioreactors from pilot (75 – 1,500L) to demonstration scale (7,500 – 85,000L)
  • separation (filter press, disc-stack)
  • crossflow filtration (MF, UF, NF)
  • column based operations like ion exchange, activated carbon etc.
  • evaporation
  • spray drying
  • rent models for missing equipment
  • operation from 8/5 to 24/7

Sample production and toll manufacturing

  • aseptic, aerobic fermentation up to 85,000L scale
  • separation (disc-stack)
  • crossflow filtration (UF, NF)
  • SMB (simulated moving bed chromatography)
  • ion exchange / activated carbon
  • evaporation
  • crystallization
  • drying
  • packaging
  • rent models for missing equipment

Support in-site and empowered by our network of partners

  • costumer centric consulting system from early-stage development support to feasibility studies
  • rent models for missing equipment and services


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